Before you Register for Access

Before you register for access on ADHD & Bipolar Self-Assessment Tools, please review the following information regarding usage and information you may need to gather, prior to signing up.

Who can use ADHD & Bipolar Self Assessment Tools (ABSAT)?

1. “ABSAT” can be used by:
  A. Parents
  B. Children (under Parental supervision)
  C. Adolescents
  D. Adults
  E. Teachers
  F. Clinicians

How can ADHD & Bipolar Self Assessment Tools (ABSAT) be Used?

1. “ABSAT” was designed for the entire assessment capabilities of the website to be utilized by bringing the results of the computer scored psychiatric diagnostic interviews and rating scales together with important historical information into an “integrated summary” that can help you comprehensively consider several factors that may be predisposing, precipitating or perpetuating a mental health problem.

A. In order to utilize the entire assessment capabilities of the “ABSAT” website you should prepare by collecting as much historical information as you will be asked to enter (as it is available to you) before accessing the assessment area through PayPal.

B. The historical information you will be asked to enter includes: Past Medical History, Past Neurologic Testing, Past Psychological Testing, Family Psychiatric History, Past Medication Trials and Life Issues (Psycho-Social-Spiritual).

C. You may need to contact providers for test results, pharmacies for computer print outs of past medications tried, and relatives for information you might not know about your family psychiatric history.

2. Alternately, the “ABSAT” website can be used to quickly obtain more objective information about a mental health problem by accessing the computerized scoring of psychiatric diagnostic interviews and rating scales developed specifically for the website (without entering in any historical information to create an “integrated summary”).

A. If “ABSAT” is utilized in this way, the user can gain immediate access to the assessment area through PayPal without spending any time collecting historical information.

B. Computer scored psychiatric diagnostic interviews exist for ADHD, Depression and Bipolar Disorder, while a checklist exists for Severe Mood Dysregulation.

C. Computer scored psychiatric ratings scales exist for ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Alcohol Abuse, Substance Abuse, and more.